The Female-Fronted Black Metal Band From Phoenix, AZ

More Progress….more updates

First of all, we got our new condenser microphone, so we can finally proceed with new vocals, as well as re-do the vocals already laid down. Also, I’ll be getting back my fretless bass guitar, so I can finished up about 5 songs.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a track I recorded before PsychoBliss even existed. The track had an atmosphere to it that I really thought would work with the sound we’re trying to achieve, so I reworked it and made an entirely new song out of it–and it sounds great! I think this one’s got a really good chance of being on the EP.

As things stand right now, we have 3 fully completed songs now, and another 5 that need to be finished (need vocals and/or bass). In the end, we hope to take 5 tracks (or less) and put them on the new EP. We’re looking to release the EP by the end of the year, as long as everything goes smoothly. We were thinking, 12/21/12? : )

-Dan Stollings



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