The Female-Fronted Black Metal Band From Phoenix, AZ

Catching Up…So Much News!

So, first off, our debut EP “Dreams of Dystopia” has been quite successful so far. We especially love that, because the whole thing was recorded at home, and we haven’t even had the chance to play the songs live yet! Reviews were mixed, with some being very negative, some very positive, and a few right in the middle. At any rate, we’re glad we have people listening to our first official recordings.

Speaking of new recordings though, we have a brand new track that we’re working on right now! This new track is called “The Escape of the Dead”, and will be featured on the Tridroid Records Black Metal Compilation (official title TBA). PsychoBliss will be amongst some of the best up and coming black metal bands in the world! We have a feeling we’re going to stick out on this compilation, if that’s any hint of what to expect… Plus, keep an eye out for a “Still” music video on YouTube that will accompany “The Escape of the Dead”.

Not stopping there though, we’ve also announced a new member of PsychoBliss; Kevin Sheely! Kevin Sheely will be lending his lead guitar skills to “Escape of the Dead” as well! This song is going to be the best example of our musicianship and production so far, so don’t miss it!


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