The Female-Fronted Black Metal Band From Phoenix, AZ

2013: Past, Present, and Future.

Last year, right at the very end, we released our first 5-track EP,, Dreams of Dystopia. We’ll be honest, some people liked it, some people hated it. That’s just how it goes sometimes. Despite the mixed reviews we received, we still feel we were very true to ourselves when we wrote the songs and released the EP.

A few months into 2013, we featured guitarist Kevin Sheely on our new track, “The Escape of the Dead.” “The Escape of the Dead” was released as a still-video on Youtube, and also on three separate compilation albums. Dreams of Dystopia and TEOTD helped us solidify ourselves as a band, and also helped us figure out where we’re going in the future.

Let’s quickly touch on what we’re currently doing… The summer in Phoenix is extremely hot, as you’re probably aware, but progress has not slowed for us. We’ve acquired lots of quality sound equipment in the past few months, and we’re still figuring out what we’ll be doing for live performances. The big news though, is that we’re officially in the middle of the recording stages for a new EP album. The new EP album will be 3-5 tracks in length, and will likely be released near the end of the year, or the beginning of next year.

As for hints on what to expect, I’ll say this: Don’t expect a remake of Dreams of Dystopia. This new EP will show PsychoBliss as a more refined and professional metal band.

-Dan Stollings/PsychoBliss


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