The Female-Fronted Black Metal Band From Phoenix, AZ


Severed Receptors–female fronted black metal, from the city in the desert, Phoenix, AZ.Starting as PsychoBliss in 2008, Dan Stollings (guitarist, songwriter) self-produced a demo featuring local Chicago/Milwaukee musicians. At the time, PsychoBliss was a one-man project.

After a long hiatus, Kyla Stollings was brought on as the full time vocalist, and in late 2012–after a few delays, the EP Dreams of Dystopia was released under the PsychoBliss name. Shortly after, Kevin Sheely temporarily joined the band and contributed guitars for the internet single, “The Escape of the Dead”. The track was well-received and was featured on several compilation albums. “The Escape of the Dead” marked a new direction and focus for the band.

In the fall of 2013, a full band started to assemble. Ryan Neeland joined first as the bassist, then Ian Durand (guitars), and Michael Mistretta (drums) soon after. Finally a full band, the name was changed to Severed Receptors, and a new logo was created by Christophe Szpajdel.

In the first half of 2014, Severed Receptors debuted their self-titled EP album on the independent Depressive Illusions label in Russian, and Tridroid Records, the cassette label based in Minnesota. The EP was mixed by Uraeus of Spekralaeon at Mindhive Studio, and mastered by Ken Sorceron  (Abigail William, Lord Mantis).

Severed Receptors will be supporting the EP with live performances throughout the remainder of 2014. Pre-production writing has begun for their first full-length album, which is expected to be released sometime late 2015.

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